Our Story

As the founding director of goReal, I started investing in residential property many years ago after I had seen an article explaining the principle of leverage and how, with use of funds from lenders, I was able to invest far more than I could with just my own money. Whilst there were loan interest costs in borrowing, I was amazed how nearly all of the costs were covered by the rental income streams and tax deductions.

In starting out I had time on my hands. I had taken long service leave from my regular job and decided to extend that for an additional year’s leave of absence. I consulted with the odd ‘expert’ on property investment but because I had the time, I largely went my own way and made a few mistakes as a result. Not catastrophic ones because in the end property investing is relatively safe but if I had allowed myself to be ‘coached’ I could have done it better, faster and it would have cost me less. An example is that I initially purchased ‘old’ properties as I had not understood the numerous benefits of buying ‘new’, particularly, the huge tax savings and lower running costs.

Our mission is to show you and others potential investors, who are usually very busy, how to safely invest in residential property for maximum effect and provide all the necessary services and expertise. There are a few of us out there. Some have never owned properties and others can lose interest in you pretty quickly once you have purchased. Our support is a holistic one. You will not only be supported in carefully selecting properties, but you will also be guided by our expert team through the process of arranging finance, property settlement, and securing a tenant. An important differentiator is our unique ‘manage the manager’ training. Property manager’s generally do a great job of looking after your asset but they still need to be effectively managed by you. It’s not onerous but we’ll show you how to do that so that your property assets are cared for.

We are not allowed by law to provide accounting, tax, legal or finance advice but we work closely with teams that do. What goReal can do is show you the best and easiest means of investing in residential real estate and provide all the services you will need to build a property portfolio, as we have done for our investor clients as well as ourselves.

Meetups with us are free (really they are) so if you would like to know all about the methods (and secrets) of creating substantial wealth through property investment we would love to hear from you.

– Jeff Osborne, Principal


Understand your situation. Assess the gap to where you want to be.


Affordability is key. Create the pathway to financial freedom through property Investment.


Generate timelines for property purchases. Assemble your support team.


Oversee finance, settlement, property management, portfolio planning

How we work.

1Assessing the financial gap between where you are now and where you want to be, is our compass to plan a property portfolio that steers you on a course to a prosperous future. At goReal our research will help you acquire low-risk, high-growth affordable properties that generate rental income and won’t impact your present lifestyle. Contemplate the feeling of security and contentment knowing that your financial future will be taken care of...breaking the chains of anxiety caused by not having enough for the lifestyle you want. goReal has the tools to model different property investment scenarios and optimise them for your situation. Often this requires purchases over time of five or six properties. Brand new properties generally have greater tax benefits, receive higher rental income over comparable older properties, are more attractive to tenants, require less maintenance and are covered by warranties. No surprises in the purchase price either...they are fixed and cover all the inclusions. Properties are complete and ready for your tenant to move in so you can enjoy the additional income stream as soon as possible.

2When properties are selected for purchase, there are many elements and partners involved to make it real. Developers providing the land, Builders provisioning the property, Mortgage Brokers organising finance, Solicitors verifying agreements for settlement and Property Managers arranging tenants. Our administration team cover the entire process for you. We’ll coordinate the activities of all the independent partners, creating an effective cohesive team that will deliver your investment property purchases and have them rented in the shortest timeframe, requiring little for you to do. Other specialists can be brought in too as required, such as accountants and financial planners, to provide you with the full complement of services so you can feel at ease that everything is taken care of.

3From the moment you get the keys to your new investment property, you’ll want a paying tenant moving in. But not just anyone...goReal will plan early with creditable, established local Property Managers to advertise well before completion so that a carefully selected responsible tenant is ready to move in. In the more economically diverse and populated areas around Australia, residential properties generally double in value every 10 years or so. Do the math. You can double your money with a level of confidence where even major banks are happy to finance your purchase if you satisfy their criteria. And with the tax benefits, it will cost you little or nothing each week out of your pocket. The opportunity awaits. Make it real...Make it yours