Aryan and his family live in Sydney and were keen to commence creating a property portfolio. They had thought about it for a long while but were not sure of the best strategy, areas or type of property. Diversifying out of Sydney was a key factor and they wanted to maintain a tight budget on their first purchase. After having the main principles of property investing and the process fully explained, they evaluated several options and purchased a brand new property in a Melbourne growth area. Motivated by the positive experience, they are in the process of purchasing their second investment property and assisting their son to start also by going equity guarantor for him.

“…Not only did you select the best properties for us to choose from, finance, conveyancing and property management was also arranged by you. There was very little for us to do and you came to us. We are looking forward to building a property portfolio and being guided by your expertise and we have no reservations about recommending your services to others.”