At GoReal We Do the Market Research For You – Part I

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Market timing...

The purpose of property market research is to predict growth and value before it occurs, so that your investment pays off. At GoReal we identify emerging trends by looking at both the macro and micro environments, thus helping our clients capitalise on the opportunities presented.

GoReal uses historical price data to determine a property market’s position in its cycle, as well as looking ahead into the market’s potential. It is important to examine trends such as sales volume growth, investor lending and the predicted supply and demand for the area.

So what is macro research?

 Macro property research focuses on analysing the economic and demographic trends affecting the property market, such as inflation and interest rates. This information provides our clients with insights into the market’s future direction, enabling them to make informed investment decisions.

GoReal uses large-scale economic analysis to identify geographical regions that are likely to experience strong capital growth.

We consider the following factors...

Employment and Economic Growth...

This includes...

  • Gross state product growth
  • Gross regional product growth
  • Employment profile
  • Income profile
  • Local jobs and availability

Population and Demographic Changes...

This includes...

  • Population growth
  • Changes in household structure
  • Age structure
  • Household composition
  • Dwelling composition

Infrastructure & Government Spending...

  • Infrastructure and community benefit • Private expenditure

Supply and Demand...

  • Vacancy analysis
  • Yield analysis
  • Elasticity of demand

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